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“Eleven” – Thao & Mirah feat. tUnE – YaRdS

Alright, time to try something a little different – the full song!  Yes, this is a big shift in style, but it’s time to try something new.  Let me know what you think!

Today’s song comes from the collaborative album of Thao & Mirah.  These two very different folky, singers have come together to create something great.  Mirah is more whimsical and sweet, whereas Thao is a little rougher, slightly sultry.  The highlights of this song are where the two playfully sing into and over one other.  Not to mention tUnE – YaRdS has done a great job with the production.  The rimshots on the drums carried throughout the piece keep the energy up and again tie into that playfulness.  Overall a great opening song from a dynamic duo that should play together more often.

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