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“Kill Everybody” – Skrillex

May 11, 2011 Leave a comment

OK I know what you’re thinking, “He’s really gone off the deep-end this time.”  I swear I haven’t!  Tonight’s post is all about the down and dirty dubstep.  Skrillex is relatively new to the scene and making waves as a producer.  Most noteworthy are his remixes of a certain Lady (seriously check out the “Alejandro” mix).  The track I selected is off of his latest EP aptly titled “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”  The song starts out with a heavy beat and deep mechanical sounds.  After a brief pause (and some dark lyrics), things really start to pick up.  I really love the different and interesting sounds Skrillex uses; they create nice visuals.  My sample picks up right in the heat of things and you start to see some playfulness shine through.  This song caught me by surprise last week and has been on constant repeat.  I can’t get enough!

Check out the full track here – it’s well worth the 5 minutes!

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