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“The Girl and the Robot” – Röyksopp feat. Robyn

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

I saw Röyksopp in concert again this week past week – what an incredible show!   Their performance reminded me of my love for today’s track and was my inspiration for the post.  Bonus: it features Robyn (yes I’m obsessed).  She portrays a lonely girl in love with a workaholic.  Röyksopp’s signature rolling synth is ever-present and provides an excellent backdrop to Robyn’s pained vocals.  The sample I’ve chosen picks up at a very interesting point in the song.  On one side you have Robyn voicing her concerns overlayed with the Robot being dismissive.  The Robot fades away and we’re left with Robyn, alone.  The song soon winds down with another one of Röyksopp’s strong suits, integrating strings into the electronics.  This is easily one of my favorite dance songs and was an inevitable feature here.  Thanks for the fantastic show guys!

Dance your heartache away and get the full song here!

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“Keyboard Milk” – Röyksopp

March 7, 2011 1 comment

This is a B-side track off of Röyksopp’s latest single “Forsaken Cowboy.”  Honestly, I’m a little surprised “Keyboard Milk” isn’t the single itself.  This epic song is a 7 minute journey that slowly builds, adding many layers and sounds.  The brooding tension continues to pulsate into the start of the sample (around 4.5 minutes or so) and finally when you can’t take it anymore we’ve reached our destination-all shimmering and bright.  The sudden change from the dark, heavy sounds into a much lighter, spacier theme is one of the highlights.  Even in the shift of mood the ever present drums carry you through and provide the string that ties it all together.

Picking just 30 seconds proved challenging – I would highly recommend getting out the whole piece here.

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