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“Back in the USSA” – MSTRKRFT

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Yep, MSTRKRFT two posts in a row.  They released another track on their website this week and I couldn’t resist.  These two songs have been on repeat all week long.  “Back in the USSA” is more in line with the traditional sounds of MSTRKRFT, pure high energy, electronic.  The song opens with a very familiar synth and builds into a simple, poppy beat.  The track really gets interesting when the lasers start firing-trust me, you’ll know it when you hear it.  The next two minutes are filled with a winding drone and all out laser fight.  The sample picks up with the entrance of a heavy, fuzzy synth.  This synth provides a nice background for the piercing lasers.  This song is pretty different from “Beards Again” but compliments it quite nicely.

As on Monday, no word on an album yet, but you can listen to it all for free from their site.

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“Beards Again” – MSTRKRFT

March 21, 2011 1 comment

Wow! Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P are back with a surprise track.  Released last week, this in-your-face song is surely a taste of what MSTRKRFT has in store for their next LP.  The song opens with a twitching synth and electric guitar for the heaviest 90’s hair band.  A third of the way through we lose the synth and the drum really starts to kick-in (reminiscent of JFK’s recently reunited Death From Above 1979).  I pick up the sample as the frenzy escalates making any seasoned headbanger dizzy.  Just when you can’t take it any more, the drums speed up and fade out.  Bam!  A huge drop into a synth heavy, dance craze fitting any Euro club.  And just like that, it stops.  Part dance-punk, part metal, part electronic; all awesome.

No word on an album release yet, but you can get the full track free from MSTRKRFT’s site.

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