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“Silvia” (Roboberget Remix) – Miike Snow

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Get ready to melt your face with this one!  Today’s track is a remix of “Silvia” – the standout song from Miike Snow’s debut album.  If you’re familiar with the original, you know it’s slightly melancholic with long drawn out vocals and a heavy bass.  This remix drastically raises the pitch and increases the speed of the heavy bass, making it more energetic.  The somber vocals are still retained, accentuating the sharper beat.  Today’s sample picks up at my favorite part, a long drawn out cry for Silvia leaps into a glowstick-worthy, strobelight party.  Based on the first few minutes of the song, you would never guess this is coming.  This rise and crash repeats itself a few times through the song and really keeps you moving.

Start the dance party here!

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