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“Crocodile Tears” – little hurricane

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Maybe it’s the new beard and long hair, but lately I’ve been digging simple, raw rock.  Today’s sample is a perfect example with some dirty blues thrown in for good measure.  A buddy of mine told me about a show this past weekend he wanted to check out, so I decided to tag along.  Honestly, I can’t turn down a concert.

little hurricane completely killed it – it was an intimate setting of about 35 or so, a PA system, and no stage.  This guy/girl duo easily draw comparisons to The White Stripes but with a fresher, deeper and more passionate sound.  Not to mention that crush-worthy drummer CC blows Meg White out of the water.  “Crocodile Tears” starts out with soft slide guitar but quickly adds heavy bass drum setting a darker stage for the rest of the track.    Tone’s powerful voice really shines through in this track, as the two banter back and forth.  The sample picks up towards the end of the track as we hear Tone’s final argument of the lover’s quarrel.  I really love the uptick in the guitar and drums at this point as the song concludes in a heavy jam.

Shout-out to Mark K. for bringing me to the show and introducing me to them.  Check out little hurricane here or get the full track here – I highly recommend it!

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