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“Mirrorage” – Glasser

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Today’s post features up-and-coming folk/electronic artist Glasser.  Her debut album “Ring” has quickly made its way into my most listened to, and is perfect for coffee shop work.  The track I picked is one of the more heavy songs and features a steady, deep, drum.  Glasser’s lustrious voice shifts between subtle, sweet to powerful several times throughout.  The sample opens up at one of the more interesting parts of the song-a surprise visit from what can only be described as an outer space ghost.  This one, haunting, phrase brings the song to an entirely different level.  You are quickly brought back to reality with the rhythmic xylophone and twinkling chimes.   The sample closes with her recurring question “Can I trust in you?”  Drawing comparisons to Bat for Lashes, Fever Ray, and yes, even Bjork, Glasser will be one to watch.

Intrigued?  Find more here.

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