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“Play Together” – Chew Lips

April 7, 2011 1 comment

Chew Lips are a new discovery.  Released back in Jan. 2010 (yes, I’m behind the times on this one), today’s sample comes from the opening of their first single “Play Together”.  After a very brief synth line sets the tone, we jump right into my selection.  I was very surprised by lead singer Tigs’ vocals; a cross between Debbie Harry and Karen O.  Once she started singing I was hooked, I really love the sultry quality she brings to the light, fuzzy synth line.  The beat carries on throughout the rest of the track and there’s a nice breakdown with amped up vocals.  Overall a fun, catchy tune and solid introduction to Chew Lips.  Given a few years, these three could be doing some great things.

Let’s try something different today – check out their video for “Play Together” here.

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