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“Sentimental X’s” – Broken Social Scene

April 11, 2011 1 comment

This week is full of concerts as all of the Coachella drive-by’s come to town.  What does that mean for you?  Me talking about bands I’m excited to see.

Broken Social Scene is a long-time favorite of mine and playing on Wednesday at the Warfield.  Today’s sample comes from their latest album “Forgiveness Rock Record”, and features Emily Haines on vocals (BSS is is a musical collective with anywhere from 6 to 19 members).  This song is all about recognizing and appreciating the lost friendships of your past.  Starting out soft, subtle and slightly bitter it quickly progresses to a cathartic, powerful statement of those relationships.  I really love the softer side of BSS in this track, highlighting Emily’s incredible voice.  These guys also know how to layer instruments.  There are so many sounds to be discovered here: shrill guitars, steady drums, and crying trumpets all blend together.  Take the time to really listen to this one, it’s great on so many different levels.

Full track can be found here.

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