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“Houdini” – Foster the People (RAC Mix)

July 18, 2011 1 comment

Foster the People’s debut album “Torches” is all that you could ask for in a summer, indie pop album.  It’s undeniably catchy, fun, and easy to listen to.   They remind me of an accessible and less eccentric Empire of the Sun (read they probably won’t have dancing swordfish ladies on stage).  RAC, otherwise known as Remix Artist Collective, do just that, make really awesome remixes.  They’ve taken “Houdini” from a straight up pop song and given it a bit of edge and drama.  The track starts out with a rapid keys line that’s quickly joined by the fluttering bass.  We’re joined by the largely untouched vocals and slightly groovy clap.  The sample picks up where the tension starts to build in the synth.  The track erupts into the hyped-up chorus for a full on party.  A small break in the bridge and gospel-like vocals further add to the tension and take the track out.

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“Rolling in the Deep (Villa Remix)” – Adele

May 17, 2011 1 comment

Today’s post is a birthday dedication for Camila S. who requested I review Adele.  Of course, if I’m doing Adele, I’m doing it with a remix.  The first time I heard this song it got my attention, Adele’s voice has certainly matured.  But then I heard this remix and I was floored.  The bass is amped up, giving it a more funky feel compared to the original.  It was the intro to the chorus that got me- with a sudden drop, Adele comes storming in along with a heavy, pulsating beat.  The sample I’ve chosen is the second time we hear the chorus.  The kick drum is accentuated with the slightly vocoded “music” and “soul” again reinforcing the power behind Adele’s voice.  Just after the sample we’re given a soulful, boot-stomping solo only to jump right back into it. Villa does a great job of preserving the original song, keeping it still very much within Adele’s realm.  Overall a great song, but a better remix.

Check out the full streaming song here!

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1940 (AmpLive Remix) – The Submarines

April 4, 2011 2 comments

The Submarines were a pleasant discovery for me this past week.  Today’s song comes from a remix album of 2009’s “Honeysuckle.”  What I really love about the AmpLive remix is that much of The Submarine’s style, especially Blake Hazard’s vocals, are preserved.  The original song has a slow, stroll like tempo with drawn out, honeyed vocals accented with bits of whimsical noises.  AmpLive has sped up the tempo giving it a more hip-hop/jazzy feel.  In the sample I selected, the vocals start out to be more in line with the original and are quickly punched up with the fuzzy bass.  The beat really complements Blake’s voice giving the piece a new fresh step.

Thanks to David B. and Whitney S. for separately and simultaneously tuning me into The Submarines!  Check out the full remix here, or venture to see them live at Slim’s on Saturday, April 9 (I’ll be there).

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“Silvia” (Roboberget Remix) – Miike Snow

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Get ready to melt your face with this one!  Today’s track is a remix of “Silvia” – the standout song from Miike Snow’s debut album.  If you’re familiar with the original, you know it’s slightly melancholic with long drawn out vocals and a heavy bass.  This remix drastically raises the pitch and increases the speed of the heavy bass, making it more energetic.  The somber vocals are still retained, accentuating the sharper beat.  Today’s sample picks up at my favorite part, a long drawn out cry for Silvia leaps into a glowstick-worthy, strobelight party.  Based on the first few minutes of the song, you would never guess this is coming.  This rise and crash repeats itself a few times through the song and really keeps you moving.

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