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“Crocodile Tears” – little hurricane

April 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Maybe it’s the new beard and long hair, but lately I’ve been digging simple, raw rock.  Today’s sample is a perfect example with some dirty blues thrown in for good measure.  A buddy of mine told me about a show this past weekend he wanted to check out, so I decided to tag along.  Honestly, I can’t turn down a concert.

little hurricane completely killed it – it was an intimate setting of about 35 or so, a PA system, and no stage.  This guy/girl duo easily draw comparisons to The White Stripes but with a fresher, deeper and more passionate sound.  Not to mention that crush-worthy drummer CC blows Meg White out of the water.  “Crocodile Tears” starts out with soft slide guitar but quickly adds heavy bass drum setting a darker stage for the rest of the track.    Tone’s powerful voice really shines through in this track, as the two banter back and forth.  The sample picks up towards the end of the track as we hear Tone’s final argument of the lover’s quarrel.  I really love the uptick in the guitar and drums at this point as the song concludes in a heavy jam.

Shout-out to Mark K. for bringing me to the show and introducing me to them.  Check out little hurricane here or get the full track here – I highly recommend it!

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“NightLight” – Little Dragon

April 21, 2011 1 comment

Today’s track is the first single off of Little Dragon’s upcoming “Ritual Union.”  These guys and gal are one of my favorite bands at the moment – I really love their mix of electronic and pop with jazzy overtones.  “NightLight” is a great song to groove to with upbeat percussion and quick lyrics.  It also features really unusual, organ-like synths.  I don’t really know how else to describe this sound, thoughts?  Yukimi Nagano’s unique, high-pitched yet ethereal voice is highlighted quite nicely as well.  The sample I’ve chosen jumps in about half way through and features a nice combination of these elements.  We hear the tail-end of the darker bridge, and jump into the high-strung chorus.  Looking forward to the new album in July – you’ll be hearing more from it I’m sure!

Check out the full single streaming here.

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“Hold On” – Holy Ghost!

April 18, 2011 Leave a comment

What a crazy, music weekend!  I saw today’s band open for Cut Copy last night.  Both completely blew me away.  Cut Copy was just fantastic, and Holy Ghost! was great considering I had heard nearly nothing about them prior.  The track I chose comes from their debut, self-titled album and is a fun drawn out, Junior Boys meets LCD Soundsystem number.  The quick, deep bass line adds a sense of urgency and impatience that they are singing against.  When the higher pitched, echo of a synth jumps in things really start to pick up.  The track continues to build on these two focal sounds adding to the ardor of youth.  Overall a good start for a young, up-and-coming band.

Check out the full track here!

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“Sentimental X’s” – Broken Social Scene

April 11, 2011 1 comment

This week is full of concerts as all of the Coachella drive-by’s come to town.  What does that mean for you?  Me talking about bands I’m excited to see.

Broken Social Scene is a long-time favorite of mine and playing on Wednesday at the Warfield.  Today’s sample comes from their latest album “Forgiveness Rock Record”, and features Emily Haines on vocals (BSS is is a musical collective with anywhere from 6 to 19 members).  This song is all about recognizing and appreciating the lost friendships of your past.  Starting out soft, subtle and slightly bitter it quickly progresses to a cathartic, powerful statement of those relationships.  I really love the softer side of BSS in this track, highlighting Emily’s incredible voice.  These guys also know how to layer instruments.  There are so many sounds to be discovered here: shrill guitars, steady drums, and crying trumpets all blend together.  Take the time to really listen to this one, it’s great on so many different levels.

Full track can be found here.

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“Play Together” – Chew Lips

April 7, 2011 1 comment

Chew Lips are a new discovery.  Released back in Jan. 2010 (yes, I’m behind the times on this one), today’s sample comes from the opening of their first single “Play Together”.  After a very brief synth line sets the tone, we jump right into my selection.  I was very surprised by lead singer Tigs’ vocals; a cross between Debbie Harry and Karen O.  Once she started singing I was hooked, I really love the sultry quality she brings to the light, fuzzy synth line.  The beat carries on throughout the rest of the track and there’s a nice breakdown with amped up vocals.  Overall a fun, catchy tune and solid introduction to Chew Lips.  Given a few years, these three could be doing some great things.

Let’s try something different today – check out their video for “Play Together” here.

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1940 (AmpLive Remix) – The Submarines

April 4, 2011 2 comments

The Submarines were a pleasant discovery for me this past week.  Today’s song comes from a remix album of 2009’s “Honeysuckle.”  What I really love about the AmpLive remix is that much of The Submarine’s style, especially Blake Hazard’s vocals, are preserved.  The original song has a slow, stroll like tempo with drawn out, honeyed vocals accented with bits of whimsical noises.  AmpLive has sped up the tempo giving it a more hip-hop/jazzy feel.  In the sample I selected, the vocals start out to be more in line with the original and are quickly punched up with the fuzzy bass.  The beat really complements Blake’s voice giving the piece a new fresh step.

Thanks to David B. and Whitney S. for separately and simultaneously tuning me into The Submarines!  Check out the full remix here, or venture to see them live at Slim’s on Saturday, April 9 (I’ll be there).

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