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“Beards Again” – MSTRKRFT

Wow! Jesse F. Keeler and Al-P are back with a surprise track.  Released last week, this in-your-face song is surely a taste of what MSTRKRFT has in store for their next LP.  The song opens with a twitching synth and electric guitar for the heaviest 90’s hair band.  A third of the way through we lose the synth and the drum really starts to kick-in (reminiscent of JFK’s recently reunited Death From Above 1979).  I pick up the sample as the frenzy escalates making any seasoned headbanger dizzy.  Just when you can’t take it any more, the drums speed up and fade out.  Bam!  A huge drop into a synth heavy, dance craze fitting any Euro club.  And just like that, it stops.  Part dance-punk, part metal, part electronic; all awesome.

No word on an album release yet, but you can get the full track free from MSTRKRFT’s site.

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  1. Camila
    March 21, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Another hot hit… This is so awesome!!!

    Thank you 🙂

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