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“Mirrorage” – Glasser

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Today’s post features up-and-coming folk/electronic artist Glasser.  Her debut album “Ring” has quickly made its way into my most listened to, and is perfect for coffee shop work.  The track I picked is one of the more heavy songs and features a steady, deep, drum.  Glasser’s lustrious voice shifts between subtle, sweet to powerful several times throughout.  The sample opens up at one of the more interesting parts of the song-a surprise visit from what can only be described as an outer space ghost.  This one, haunting, phrase brings the song to an entirely different level.  You are quickly brought back to reality with the rhythmic xylophone and twinkling chimes.   The sample closes with her recurring question “Can I trust in you?”  Drawing comparisons to Bat for Lashes, Fever Ray, and yes, even Bjork, Glasser will be one to watch.

Intrigued?  Find more here.

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“Kites” – Geographer

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Electric cello.  Really I can’t say anything else.  I’m a sucker for classical string instruments turned electronic, and Geographer does this well (especially live).  I love the mix of the upbeat keyboard line and the deep, slow cello.  Add on top of that Mike’s high pitched, crooning vocals and you’ve got a well balanced, fun song.  My favorite part of this is sample is just under half way through when the beat kicks back in, and you’ve got the cello layered (almost in sync) to the drawn out “You.”  I would highly recommend checking these SF natives live if given the opportunity.  They put on a great show.

Like what you hear?  Check out more.

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“magic magic” – Butterfly Bones

February 21, 2011 2 comments

I don’t just love music, I live for music – catching as many live shows as I can.  Today’s post features SF locals Butterfly Bones who I’m catching this week.  In their live sets, these guys excel at long, jam band-esque breaks resulting in a frenzy of dancing.  “magic magic” is a great example of this – the sample picks up towards the end of a nearly 2 minute interlude.  Austin Fraser dominates on the synths with a lyric-like presence.  The sample ends just as the droning vocals kick back in with a new, effervescent synth line; perfect for cooling down from the excitement.


Get some more Butterfly Bones here or catch them live at the Independent on 2/23!

“Demons” – Fenech Soler

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Today’s track is a fun, electro-pop number from a bunch of Brits.  After a teasing intro and subdued vocals, this sample jumps in at the bridge and chorus just as things begin to pick up pace.  The chorus is incredibly catchy, and repeats several times throughout – you’ll easily find yourself singing along.  Again, this song features good synths, and a dancy beat (my current trend).

America, I promise this band will make a scene for themselves here.  Until then, the official “Demons” video will have to suffice.

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February 14, 2011 2 comments

This sample starts out just after a strong break in the track – leading to the culmination of several sonic layers. The heavy, pulsating beat and high pitched, synths are the heart and soul of this song.  His drone-like, monotonous lyrics add a level of intrigue and highlight the synth.  There’s a slow build with several breaks that leaves your body throbbing for more.  This seemingly dark and broody piece will certainly get the dancefloor moving.

Get the rest of the track here on iTunes.

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“Rock Me Now” – Metric

February 13, 2011 1 comment


Welcome to my foray into blogging.  The goal of this blog is to introduce the casual music listener to some fantastic pieces.  So why 30 seconds you say?  First off, you’re busy.  You may not be willing to take the time to listen to a full song of something you’ve never heard of.  Second, so much of our musical experience is driven by samples.  You’re expected to purchase a song based on a short clip; I want to provide you with the best 30 second sample to make a sound decision (and to get you thinking beyond those 30 seconds).  Lastly, to do something other than what your current favorite music blog does.

Alright enough chat, it’s time to Rock Me Now.

First post, what better than to choose the namesake song – “Rock Me Now” by Metric.  For those of you familiar with Metric, you may not recognize their trip-hop early beginnings.  Released in 2001, this spoken-word narrative features a jazzy, uptempo beat juxtaposed with the somewhat somber recollection of a girl who grew up in Vegas.  This sample picks up about two-thirds of the way through and highlights Emily Haine’s cooing vocals.  The lyrics in this section also sum up the theme of the song quite nicely.  Enjoy!

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